1. debanjan757

    Hathway asking 15k for a direct connection

    Hello all. I have been using this god awful, horrible, and atrocious Siti/Indinet (more like S*ITTY) broadband for 5 years now at this point. When I first got the connection, I wanted to opt for something like Airtel or Alliance broadband as I heard from my friends that they are pretty good...
  2. headhonk

    Reliance Jio Fiber Dual Band Router - Technical

    Any info about make and model of the router? Seems lots of functionality has been blocked. I need to change the 5ghz channel but no option. At first, it seems arcadyan router and software developed by team f1
  3. Rajneesh Rana

    Is Reliance Jio Fiber worth it? FAQs for new connection

    We have got JioFiber installed in our area and they have started promoting that connections are now available. Liked the way they have setup the fiber on electricity poles and added distribution boxes after every few 100 meters. Is Jio Fiber worth it with current offering? What are the main...
  4. S

    Speedtest by Ookla

    chk it out here - The Global Broadband Speed Test