75MB limit further reduced?

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For the past couple of days, I have noticed that my speeds have been coming down to ~2 kBps immediately after I download even a small amount (say 20MB). Is anyone else noticing the same? Or is it just the sify servers choking every now & then? :S
I haven't checked it exactly yet.But Sify seriously messes with my downloads nonetheless.It nowadays automatically stops my internet access after a couple of hours in the middle of my downloads.I mean I am not logged out because what I have to do to restart my download is log out and log back in. But time is wasted this way when I am asleep at night.
Yes i have experienced same 🙁 . My speed never goes above 2-3 kb now
It seems its a problem with the sify servers then, and not with downloaded data. Maybe they are not able to handle excess bandwidth 🙁 (currently I am getting 5 kBps, but its the morning, we shall see how it is later on)

Yesterday I had downloaded 79 MB of data so I had 2-3 kBps in the evening.Today I have equalled 44 MB of data till now but stil my speed has been reduced to 2-3 kBps again in the evening :-|
I have 92kbps for a changespeeds are from 9 to 9 12.7kB/s and the other hours 2.8~4kB/s even when i dont download at all during night,my speeds gets down to that low stuff anyway...
yup. that is what few of us experienced. good speeds during the night. pathetic during the day. irrespective of what and how much we downloaded.