Adlabs Imagica - New Theme park in Khopoli (Off Mumbai-Pune Expressway)

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So there is a new theme park open in Khopoli, off Mumbai - Pune Expressway. It just opened couple of days back. Did anyone visit or planning to visit this new theme park ?I read about it and it is said that it has been built on the lines of Disney world, of course not as grand as Disney but still big enough.Entry fee is a steep 1500 Rs. for normal ticket and 2200 for the express one.I visited their website and it indeed feels like they have made the way it functions, different zones, food plazas, multiple day tickets, re-entry allowed on the same day, express pass to avoid long lines for rides etc and it is all on lines of Disney and Universal parks (have visited them so know).Website: Not advertising, have no relation to this park whatsoever.
Reminds me of a theme park in Pitampura. It opened a few years ago. I have not been there as well. Anyone here been there?
Also, they are opening an Appu Ghar here in Gurgaon pretty close to Kingdom of Dreams. That area is already chocked with traffic most times of the day. Sheer idiocy giving permission to open a theme park inside the city. My city administration is full of idiots.
Looks cool, just 100kms away from my place. The pricing changed to Rs.1900 for regular ticket and Rs.3000 for the express one when I selected May 5th (Sunday).
Seriously man. Common sense suggests you should establish such destinations outside the crowded city area. yet they picked one of the most congested areas in the city.
my sister and nephew were there yesterday and they cant stop talking about per my sis its VFM.she has been to almost all disneylands in world and she says she would rate this one in the class of disneyland.
Planning to go but not in April and May since this is peak season for me workwise.June would be good for me.