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Not able to find info on this anywhere, Can one host a web server using a static IP from Airtel? Does Airtel allow access to all ports on the static IP address? Is port 80 blocked? Is it against the terms and conditions?
It is against their terms and conditions for sure!
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Well the so called Airtel Xstream Fiber unlimited pack is capped at 3333 GB post speed will be 1Mbps. Airtel has clearly mentioned it be under Fair Personal Uses.

Here is the exact line

It is clarified and stated that this benefit is only meant for personal and non-commercial use, and is not intended for any commercial use, or special or enterprise plans. The Fair Usage Policy for the unlimited plans is capped at 3333 GB post which customers can enjoy unlimited speeds at 1024 KBPS.

Maybe you can ask them if they will open the port for you . If Airtel opens the port and gives you a static Ip
A 3333 GB translates to almost 110 GB per day which will be more than enough for a moderate traffic website if you are hosting the same
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Although it might look cheaper to host a website on your own server from home/office, when you consider the electricity costs, power backup and things like that, it would be a whole lot cheaper to host it on a cloud provider.

Just curious, what kind of website are you trying to host?
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As @varkey said , it also involves a Firewall Router and rest of the Security to run a Website which adds up to the running costs , if you`re planning to get it live on the Internet

You know , With Great Power comes Great Responsibility
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Thanks for the replies guy. So I end up running a bunch of servers on AWS and DigitalOcean anyway and it all adds up, anyway, tested out the IP address, it works!

In fact the airtel router itself has settings to set up web server and ssh port forwarding.

Though I don't have any electricity/infrastructure issues at my place, I don't plan to host apps, that would be dicey. BUT I do plan to put up an older Macbook pro (Still pretty powerful) that I don't use to run servers that will act as workers for the main applications that I host thus reducing my host processing charges.

For those who understand: Imagine running cloud functions right from Macbook sitting at home instead of in the cloud.

I'll let you guys know how it works out. Super stoked!

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For such use cases do you really need a public IP address? You could establish a tunnel between the cloud server and your home server and have the communication happen through that tunnel. WireGuard or ZeroTier or any such option would work great.
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How much would Airtel charge for a static IP. I guess this is a static WAN IP. Would they charge on a per month basis or is it a one time charge. Is the charge same for all plans like say 799,999,1399,etc. Also, what's the procedure to obtain a static IP. Thanks in advance.
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