Airtel Broadband+wifi Connectivty


Hi All, I am now using Airtel Broadband connection on a desktop with 128 kbps speed. I want to connect net to my laptop also using Wifi. My modem is beetel 220 BX ADSL. Can anyone suggest me the steps to connect my laptop to internet using Wifi technology?Should i use any kind of wifi routers for this?
Well a few things you would want to consider:#1) You will HAVE to get a wireless router.#2) You will have to get a wireless receiver card for your laptop, unless it has one built in (most newer laptops have this).#3) There are some basic steps you ought to follow to secure your wireless network, lest some oppotunistic neighbours decide to steal your bandwidth. You can use google for that, or ask on this forum if and when you do get a wireless setup.