Airtel Broadband

[font="arial;font-size:small;"]I am putting in a last ditch effort before trying the Consumer Court door. The Nodal and Appellate teams are a sad excuse to customer service. My internet was working on my phone and my wife's laptop but not on my laptop. I called 198, they changed some IP address and it started working. The guy said that as my router is over 1 year old, he would like to 'upgrade' my firmware. He made me connect to the modem and had me deactivate the Access Management. He then went on doing something at his end for 15-20 minutes and told me that the modem will restart with the upgrade. It did restart but only with the power light on. He had an engineer visit me who gloriously declared that my modem is 'faulty' and it cannot be repaired or replaced. I tried asking the guy from Appellate Team to speak with the 198 guy who generated the complaint#[/font]31730576 about what the problem actually was. He informed that Airtel Appellate Team cannot contact Technical Support Team and that Airtel will not be responsible. I pay over Rs. 30,000 per year to Airtel for BB, DTH and Mobile. I can easily buy another modem for 1500-1600 Rupees. But now it is a question of principle.
Firstly can u tell the Model and Make of your modem+router and from did you buy it? If purchases from Airtel, is it under warranty. I think they provide one year warranty. Did you try resetting the modem to factory defaults? Whichever company it may be, MTNL, Airtel etc., everyone has engineers who are dumb. Modems last for around 4-5 years before giving up.
Clearly, something went wrong during flashing the firmware and airtel can't ask you to pay up, to compensate for their tech's fault.
Well, I received a call at about 9pm from Airtel Presence. They were really impressive. They are replacing the modem today. @ [font="Cuprum;font-size:19px;color:rgb(51"]iChaitanya, Airtel has its policies and I have my principles.[/font]
[font="'lucida grande'"]I am happy to state that this issue has been resolved yesterday by Airtel Presence...[/font]