Airtel Plan upgraded to "Unlimited" but app and website still show 525GB limit?

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Airtel Fiber 200 Mbps
I think just like a lot of you guys, my Airtel 999/- FTTH plan was upgraded from 525GB to 'Unlimited'. The problem is, on the website AND on the app, the data cap still shows 525 GB(plus 1000 GB roll over data) yet my Airtel bill shows 3333GB worth of data.

Anyone facing the same? I don't know if the data is actually capped at 1525 GB or it's just not updated in the app or website. I've posted all relevant screenshots below. If you need anything else please let me know. I've tried calling and tweeting at Airtel customer support but I can't get in touch with a human on the calls and literally no one replies to my tweets.

Any suggestions are welcome. Thank you 🙂

Some information that might be important:
Plan: Airtel FTTH 999/- runs at 200Mbps
City: Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh
Data: Should be 3333Gb, but only shows 525Gb


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This must be a glitch in the system... Don't worry keep using as much as you want. In between Just give them a call, they will rectify it in a day.
are you not paying 299 extra for 3333gb ? 999 plan has 300gb bundled.

Those are the newer plans. When I had applied for the 999/- plan in January 2019, it was 525GB/month and 100Mbps up/down. This was upgraded for free to 200Mbps and Unlimited Data. The bill says my plan is 3333GB, so ideally I shouldn't need to pay the extra 299/-
It normally takes 2-3 days for the new plan to reflect on the app. Hope it is resolved by now?

It normally takes 2-3 days for the new plan to reflect on the app. Hope it is resolved by now?

Nope. It's been more than a month now. Still the same. I only made this post after I tried to exhaust all other possibilities. Not sure what else I can do when calling, emailing and tweeting to Airtel doesn't work
No idea then. Something similar happened to me before and airtel guys suggested to install the app again (and clear cache/data) - All of which did not work. Their web portal was also showing me the old plan. However, one fine day it automatically started showing up the right data.
All said and done, in the backend you'll definitely be on the unlimited plan.
Has anyone from Delhi got this offer? If i take up a new 200 Mbps connection would i get this offer now?
Update: After months and months of constant tweeting, calling and emailing, finally they modified my plan details on the App.

Now it says 3333GB like it should.


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