Airtel sim detect issue - How to replace? and change identity?

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My airtel sim stopped getting detected, fortunately in one of my old phone I was able to make it work. Jio sim works in both phone so not an sim slot issue.

is this a common issue with airtel sim?

How do I get this replaced quickly?

and it's a very old number which was registered with my mother's id (local sim shop guys won't replace sim unless person with id is present) so to avoid trouble in future how do I get it transferred to my name.
Can I port it to jio to change identity automatically also get a new sim.

After 90 days will again switch to airtel as their network is better in my area.
Telecome companies support has become so poor and dumb.

121 ivr has its own agenda and keep saying blah blah in a loop, no idea how to connect to any support.

Airtel twitter want screenshot for a faulty sim to help 🤦
Few years back when I was at Idea store, the store guy was saying to some person that sim can be transferred to other person's name. Other person should come with Aadhar card for ID proof and KYC.
Not sure if Airtel allows that as well.
Got a replacement sim from local retailer. I paid 100 there was no official charge mentioned in the first notification sms about sim change. After new sim got activated few hours later airtel sent me sms to pay 25 only. 🤦

And there is no easy way to change identity, suggested method is to port with new Id. For now not going to bother about this as already paid for replacement and it's working.

Sms is disabled for 24hrs.