Airtel Xstream Static IP to host websites

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I recently request Airtel to provide a Static IP to host websites from my home. It took nearly 4-5 days just to get it configured. The local guys didn't have any idea and they kept on changing Engineers. Anyways, About hosting websites, I need to open port 80 & 443. For which I thought of going with Port Forwarding. I already have a personal router behind Airtel Router with a Double NAT Setup. But no one knows anything about this with Airtel and I am having a hard time making them understand this.

As another method, Should I go with Bridge Mode + Use Personal Router with PPPoE Credentials? Since I have requested Static IP, instead of PPPoE, Static IP uses IPoE but I cannot find any option like this in my personal router.

Router Details:
Airtel Modem - ZyXEL PMG5617-R20B
Personal Router - OpnSense

Is Zyxel better ONT Modem for this or should I request any other different Modem for getting this done at ease.
Someone did say that you have to beg airtel to open those ports to which they'll reply 'It's a security issue, can't do jackshit dear customer'
Hey @sleepysoul can you guide me how you were able to get the static IP from airtel and get it configured...I also purchased from them but the local engineer was not able to configure them....the IP keeps changing on every reboot