Best Broadband Service In Pune

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Hi Folks,Anyone know which area in pune gets 2mbps connection ?I am moving to pune and looking for rental location but i need to rent where broadband is available.Is there good broadband service available in Viman nagar/kharadi area.?How quickly one can get broadband service in pune? Any suggestions before i go for rental property in that area ?Atul
You are left with one option only "Airtel" as tata indicom service is worst and if u want to have BSNL then " You r in queue "
I got Bsnl BB in 1 weeks time !! so apply .. rite now. (donno if i were lucky .. to get it so soon ?) but i am satisfied. .. .. just filled up my 160 GB HDD ..... now looking to burn DVD's for backup ... lol-pranKster.