Best FM Radio Station in India

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I travel almost 2 hours daily between home and office. During journey FM Radio is good source of entertainment. Some Radio Stations (Like Radio One) are good and play nice latest as well as all time hit songs. But some Radio stations (Like Radio Mirchi) are just having more advertisements and play very little songs. Even songs they play are not complete. I hate to listen some of RJs who I feel would do better job if they keep their mouth shut 🙂 In my city we don't have AIR's FM Gold/FM Rainbow stations. We only have Vividhbharti, but it has many educational programmes, so at times it gets boring listening to it. So Which is best FM Radio Station in India? For me its Radio One, or sometimes Radio City.
In Pune Red FM.. the awesome one.....
if you have a smart phone, check out the tunein app and you will have access to 10's of 1000s of radio channels from across the world.
amar said:
In Pune Red FM.. the awesome one.....
Even they are playing full songs, at least during peak hours of morning 9~10 AM.
x720 said:
The AIR stations, by far.
Yes, but they less entertainment factor...
Which are you referring?
I kinda like Fever 104 FM in Bangalore.

Yes, but they less entertainment factor...Which are you referring?
Gold and Rainbow. The ones that are broadcast from Delhi. Minimal ads and no RJ nonsense 😀
AIR FM rainbow plays some awesome english songs especially during the night times~midnight. Also their RJ speaks perfect english and gives some good advice on matters.
During the day Radio city plays good songs.
I listened to radio for a few months. One fine day I got myself a 16GB pen drive and loaded my own songs on it. And I cannot tolerate radio here in Gurgaon any longer.
Yes, some stations have good stuff at strange hours. But during rush hours? All you get is ads and ads and ads. At least with my pen drive, I can listen to music I want to listen.
Frankly speaking, I cannot wait for the day when wireless data connections would be cheap enough so that I can switch to an online streaming platform instead.