BSNL Broadband: Billing Confusion


I have Home 500 Plan (i.e. have a traffic limit of 2.5 GB = 2500 MB/2560 MB with night unlimited. I always check the portal to keep track of my usage. Here is a review of my usage details of last few months😀ec.2009 (Billed) Start Time : 01-12-2009 12:31:18 AM Stop Time : 31-12-2009 10:50:39 PM Chargeable Units : 2174.00 MBJan. 2010 (Billed)Start Time : 01-01-2010 02:01:53 AM Stop Time : 31-01-2010 05:29:09 PM Chargeable Units : 2414.00 MBFeb. 2010 (Billed)Start Time : 31-01-2010 09:30:42 PM Stop Time : 28-02-2010 06:20:24 PM Chargeable Units : 2058.00 MBThis months contains the following too :Start Time : 31-01-2010 09:30:42 PM Stop Time : 31-01-2010 11:09:30 PM Chargeable Units : 48450 KBMar. 2010 (Billed)Start Time : 28-02-2010 09:27:29 PM Stop Time : 31-03-2010 10:58:53 PM Chargeable Units : 2811.00 MBThis months contains the following too :Start Time : 28-02-2010 09:27:29 PM Stop Time : 28-02-2010 11:18:59 PM Chargeable Units : 384774 KBIt shows that there are some overlapping being done while billing us. Further a monthly billing cycle implies that the charges should be calculated for that month only. But I am being billed in Mar. for the usage of Feb. too. While I have kept well within the usage for Feb., the unbilled usage of 384774 KB (= 384 MB) should have been adjusted with the calculated usage for that month of 2058.00 MB. If the limit had been crossed then only that excess usage should have been added to the Mar. bill.How and whom should I approach for this error in their billing method. Other BSNL users should also be aware of this mistake.With regards.Lalit Kumar BarikOrissa
contact Accounts Officer at your local exchange ; give a written complaint ; get a photo copy of the complaint signed & stamped by the AO
I faced the same problem. BSNL is finding ways to make money. It realized that most users download the most on either the first day of the month or the last day of the month (if they have usage left) and it started playing these tricks of changing the billing periods. I was charged for my usage of December 2009 in January 2010 bill. I had to pay Rs. 130 extra and if that had been adjusted in December bill, I wouldn't have had to pay a single rupee extra. I had complained to BSNL and they accepted their error but they did not refund any amount to me. Since then i avoid using my internet for the first and last days of the month.