BSNL Broadband: How much data download in 30 mins?

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hello,i am on plan 250 which has 1 gb limit. i wanted to know how much data can be downloaded in this plan in say 15 mins and 30 mins?the reason i am asking this is that in last week my account usage shows data download as 148 mb in 25 mins, 160 mb in 29 mins, 135 mb in 20 mins etc. is so much data possible to download as i wasnt downloading anything during the times mentioned in portal though was just checking few sites.
You mean when we are downloading some files or when we are just surfing?
I meant say I am not downloading anything, but is it possible that so much data can be downloaded by a malware/other program in background?
if you are downloading some files with the maximum speed in 30mins u can d/l more than 350mb at 200kb/s
Ya a malware can surely download files of such sizes within the times specified under your plan.
when downloading i get a maximum speed of around 60-75 kbps

when downloading i get a maximum speed of around 60-75 kbps
Now this could imply 2 things.Either the malware is downloading files even when you download giving you a lower speed OR the computers at BSNL have again gone mad showing weird usage details.