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Hi Folks,I was connected with BSNL broadband connection couple of days back. I need couple of information on LED indicators on the front panel of MT800 modem.1. When the ADSL line is active and not connected to internet does the ADSL LINK led glow continuously in "Green" ?2. When the ADSL link is active and connected to the internet (when IP address is @$$igned) does the ADSL link led turn Orange in color? (I see this happening the modem at my place)3. Have any of you experienced the Modem hanging ? i.e ADSL LINK led continuously glowing in Yellow and ADSL ACT also continuously slowing in light Yellow color ( I have seen this happening when I wanted to log out of Stanaphone account)TIA for the answers
My modem is different - UTStar UT - 300R. When I switch the modem on, the "Power" and the "PC" light remains steady initially. After a few moments, the yellow "Link" light starts to blink rapidly and then becomes steady after a few seconds. I then dial the dialler and it gets connected. It is at this point that an IP address is @$$igned using DHCP.My modem hung once. I was fiddling with the modems internal configuration page using the browser. I switched it off then on. Otherwise, I've not seen it hang so far.
Sorry for late reply, this forum was not accessible for last 3 weeks for me!

But yea, you can get MT800 manual from if you have any problems email me at vishalrao at the google's email (hehe) and I will send you the 800kb PDF manual...

[edit:] the manual is also on the CD that you get with the modem, as someone mentioned, mine was cracked and i thought i had hit some jackpot/goldmine of information when i found the pdf online 8-P [end of edit]

basically, set your LAN IP to subnet mask to (dont use the PPPoE dialup) then open your browser and type this will bring the modem admin/setup page... user admin, p@$$word admin...

you can set the modem to dialup to bsnl when it powers on, (real always-on!) and you can set your LAN to use DHCP and you dont need to dialup... this is very useful if you're using linux and you have problems with dialup/PPPoE...

if you need some help setting it up, email me and i'll send you more info/screenshots etc...


oh, and yes, the manual says.. .if the link light is green the speed is 10mbps, if red then its 100mbps... doesnt mention about the adsl link colours... so im @$$uming red is better than green! (i get red link)...

oh well, you can get it from here enjoy

also, this dude called 'appaji' (in bangalore) has this info here...
Hello Vishal,Can I have your email id & I will send you a word documnet about the broadband network that I want to set up? Do you think I can use a braodband router with the dataone internet connection?I would appreciate if you can help.ThanksAnu
Sure, you can email me at vishalrao at google's email thingy... Although I wouldn't know too much about network setups I'll see what I can come up with... you can also email agnivo above.But yes you can use a broadband router with the dataone connection, it has to be "ADSL2+" ("g.dmt" i believe) and you can get WiFi if you need...Netgear/Linksys (Cisco) stuff works (I hear)...

anu73_in, I have been using a Netgear 802.11b wireless router for 2+ years. I have used it with 4 isp's, 1 cable modem, 3 dsl modems.Since you enter the user/pass in the modem or in the router, your voip _should_ normally work but I'm not so sure if the ports you need for a voip connection are open or blocked by bsnl.vishalrao- I think the dmt/cap protocol has to be in the modem. anu73_in said that she(I'm guessing its a she or am I wrong?) has a separate modem so she doesn't need to really worry about cap/dmt.Pretty much any router will work.
@vjkumarGREEN LED in ADLS link mean ...your PPPOE connection havent established yet...but your MODME has been SYNCed up to BSNL's DSLAM .... and when u connect or dial will change it to ORAnge ......