BSNL DataOne Modem Power Supply - HELP

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Hi,I am from Kerala. I am planning to go for DataOne on my existing BSNL Land line connection. I am living in a area where frequent power failure occurs. Is the DSL modem supplied by BSNL requires external power supply? If yes then, is there any provision for battery backup for the modem so that I can use my Phone during power failure ? Otherwise I will have to go for a separate line for DataOne and it is very difficult to get a new connection right now in my area.Harish.
Your phone will work normally in power failure period as you used to.
Modem requires power supply. You can connect the modem to the UPS and it will provide backup. Buy a reliable UPS such as APC.
@skfg...he's asking about the modem dude...not the phone 😛and yes, u do need external power supply for the modem...and as nandu already said, a UPS should serve ur needs...enjoy!!!!
HiLet me make clear what I asked. I learned that the DataOne enabled BSNL Land line couldn’t be directly connected to my existing phone. Instead the DataOne line should connect to the modem and then connect to the phone to theRJ11 port on the modem. Now my doubt is - if no electric power is available to the modem, can I use my phone to make or receive calls?I have a 500va UPS for my PC it is capable of 30 minutes backup.Since the phone is very important to me, I can't sacrifice the phone calls due to modem failure

@Harish...yes, u can use the phone during power failure as well...@BSNL_CMD...ok, my bad 🙂
Some ppl are here and in the other forum who are always eager to who will help first. So sometimes they failed to understand the quaries properly. Whenever I saw the query, I understood that the poster have not sufficient knowledge about the adsl conection, i.e. where & where the phone line goes, what about splitter etc etc. So I replied correctly in one sentence.
Originally posted by HarishKP@Jul 25 2005, 10:28 AM
Instead the DataOne line should connect to the modem and then connect to the phone to theRJ11 port on the modem

i think the dataone "enabled" line should connect to a splitter....? isnt it
Phone line ---> Splitter ---> Phone ......................... | ......................... |--------> ModemThats the way airtel does it, dont see any reason it wont be the same with BSNL. The splitter was provided free of charge.And in the above setup, your phone will not be affected by power failiure.