BSNL Fooled me?

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huh? :blink:

I got dataone on 26th Nov ... i asked the person who came to install ... "When will this one month validity expire? ... On the 26 Dec 05 OR 1 Dec 05?"

he replied "1 month validity will get over after 1 month ... i.e. on the 26th of Dec 2005"

Now, today morning i checked my service records on ... it has changed to the december month!! *crying*

i hav 782.847MB data transfer remaining for november month.

what about the other members here? does ur 1 month validity change on the 1st of every month? or what?

I'm screwed! help me! 🤔

btw, this is nice forum! 🙂
1month valadity expires on 1st of each month. Too bad a lot of precious data got wasted.
but i think that ur monthly rental will be charged proportionately for the fraction period and ur data limit will be fixed accordingly.__________Arup
🙂 me too.. a new user like chaits..I think they r charging proportionaly.. for 30 days 1GB.But my doubt is when does the billing start from... from installation date or date on "service order record" (date the server hooked u)cust care people dont have a proper reply. :huh: Any old users of Dataone here.. people who were billed already ?plz.. help 🙁
The billing for the first month is only done proportionally. If ur connection was activated on 26th you will not pay 500Rs but a much lesser amount for 4 days only. From second month onwards ur billing will resume normally ie 1GB for 1month and 500Rs.

looks like they are cheating the subscribers :angry: make sure you confirm that with their superiors
No they are not cheating subscribers as far as dataone is concerned. They charge on pro rata basis i.e the free data transfer would be 1 GB/30 X no of days the connection worked for and this is true for the rental as well
visit this topic u will get the exact picture

UR Rent and free download will be calculated for the no of days u used only. by ratio factor

Always Try to register 1st or in the first week to avoid this problem

Even If u get the modem and other stuffs..

haha!*points and laughs*data bound packages suck!!!111 🙂Ask BSNL to remove the stupid limits and give you unlimited usage! AND most of ALL ask them to unbundle the local loop! 😀