BSNL has worst possible Routing.

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I was and am a Railwire user. Yeah Railwire cause no ISP like Airtel or Jio available here as it's a semi urban area. I was pretty happy with the service they provide other than the high installation cost. No packet loss, less ping, consistent speed.

Now comes the one and only BSNL to my area with free installation. At that time railwire had some issues with longer downtime so I said let's try BSNL for a few months and I regret my decision.

The installation was done after 24 days of application to the local operator. He gave me single band Uniway ONT. I asked for dual and he asked for extra Rs. 2000 and I said no. He gave me offer plan of 30mbps called Fibre Basic Neo.

# Speed:
I rarely get the promised speeds other than during late night to early mornings. Youtube and google services works great. Twitter sucks, Reddit okish. Other sites opens slow which you can notice.

# Ping:
I would say this is the worst here. I am from Jharkhand:
Google services it's 50+.
Mumbai: 60+
Chennai: 80+
with occasional packet loss of ~5-10%

# Routing:
BSNL uses all the upstreams available in the country like TATA, Jio, Airtel which is not consistent. It uses TATA for routing within India and other for overseas.
Sometimes I get 20ms ping to Jio kolkata speed test server and sometimes 80+. When it's 80+, the packet is routed all over the country like before reaching Kolkata. This makes opening sites slow as hell. Sometimes I can't even open bsnl own site and railwire's site. During evening time it's slow as hell.

# Service:

When I raise complaint to the LCO, he gives lame excuses like Voltage, check cable etc. Open ticket in BSNL site but closed without a resolution.

Last words:
BSNL is a sinking ship. Don't take connection if any other ISP is available.

Bonus: To close the connection I have to go to Bsnl office 💀💀 because there is no online option.
You'd need to understand routing is implemented on a global level, there is no special routing for a specific region, and it happens on a dynamic level and is dependent on various variables including but not limited to bandwidth.

Your LCO even if he wanted to help cannot do jack shit about this. Nor the highest level of NOC engineer, unless you get hold of their network architect.
I understand that routing is dynamic. But if one provider takes 12ms and BSNL takes 84ms then I guess the BSNL network architect should just kill themselves. BSNL just does not want itself to improve.

Today I emailed their Nagpur office regarding IPV6 and they said they don't have any information about the DOT deadline for IPV6 which was June 2022 for them. I can't open ports in my ONT even I get a public IP.
Take a masterclass if you are interested; dynamic routing is not something that can be understood with one forum post.

Best advice would be to just stick to Railwire if BSNL is causing issues that is impacting your work and not look back.

@Lolita_Magnum I guess you're not from India that's why you don't know the ground reality of BSNL. I am sticking with Railwire but the problem is even after I give a closing request to BSNL, there is no chance that they will close it and bill will be generated for the months they ignore my request. Postpaid 💀💀.

Maybe you could understand what he's trying to tell you:

a) Routing is fixed by the ISP and will not change except on a need basis. And no, it doesn't work if some customer whines and rants on this forum either. They really dont give a damn TBH especially the BSNL types.

b) Try changing your ISP, if you are not happy with BSNL try something else. That frankly is the only thing you can do and is entirely in your hands. If you have an issue raise a complaint to BSNL not the LCO. He is powerless to do anything.

I use BSNL. It is no match to the pvt. ISPs I use like TPF and Airtel but it's decent. Biggest drawback is their downtime. Also, cities in north India do suffer from lag and higher ping times. It is directly to do with proximity to a selected backbone gateway. And yes, BSNL is a sinking ship so dont expect too much.
I have totally opposite experience. Yes, there were a few issues I faced in two years but current situation is if other isp comes in my area I will not bother to change. I know many factor depends upon the quality of service. Like location, LCO support etc. Google ping under 5ms. Good csgo ping and bgmi. There was bandwidth issue in peak hours for 2 months but it got fixed after I complained.
Another thing I would like to mention.
There are 2-3 cloudflare egde locations nearest to Jharkhand like Patna, Kolkata, Bubhneshwar. But BSNL always connects to Mumbai edge. This proves it has messed up routing.