BSNL is inserting ads in websites, sending their users to malware sites through malware code injection

Well, BSNL has started injecting ads above webpage. It shows up in the bottom right corner and is not related to website or browser. I'm using adblocker but it doesn't help to disable/remove this ad. The ad shows up once the internet is connected and doesn't show again until ip or modem is restarted. Just like bsnl webmail. Read update below.


Has anyone got this? It started on Diwali festival with "Happy Diwali" wishes and then changed to ad of snapdeal.

Looks like bsnl is making money from ads now and days are not far when this type of ad will be pop-up all the time.:devil:

Update: Like I had expected above, now the ads come up regularly. Ads are not 3rd party but BSNL offers.

If we close the ad by clicking X button, it puts # to the end of url and the website redirects to somewhere or throws error. Pressing back button makes the ad return, so we have to remove the # and continue surfing the page.

If this happens when doing bank payments, share marketing or important things, then the process is ruined!
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You are sure that this is not being pushed by the website you are viewing right? 😀
well. without network neutrality laws... i doubt what bsnl is doing is illegal in any manner. which makes it harder for anyone to challenge it in courts.
sure consumers can go to court complaining about these ads as the service is neither free nor subsidized. but good luck getting a judge who understand how internet works 😀
You are sure that this is not being pushed by the website you are viewing right? 😀
I'm 100% its coming from ISP (BSNL) and has started from Diwali festival. It shows up on any website and any browser. I'm using adblocker so most of the ads are blocked but not this.

I see other ISP's like Airtel & MTNL are doing this since long and now BSNL has started it.

ps. at present all will ignore it but when it comes regularly regardless of IP change or modem restart, would we still ignore it? How would be be our internet experience? Like a tv channel covered with 1/4th ads. And what about our privacy? These ads if coded, may steal personal info including passwords.

May be there is a way to block this, let me dig.
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No such ads for me.. where are you from? maybe they are testing it
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Wow that sucks, if you can, then please copy the source code of that page ( by pressing Ctrl + U, then Ctrl + A, and Ctrl + C ) and paste it in a txt file and then share it here..
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Same here. its coming from IP address:

My advice is to install noscript. And hence allow only from known IP addresses incrementally.