Bsnl Ul900 Plan, Modem Details Please

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Hi,My brother got a new BSNL Plan UL900 (chennai). He is not able to tell me much details about the modem/IP as he is not tech savvy. I am trying to configure his voip adapter remotely and got held.He says the modem has sticker like Dataone UT300/2U and not sure about the cable to the PC. I think it is USB. He has a Analog Telephone Adapter for voip, but it is not able to register though his PC he is able to browse/chat. The IP he says to me is which looks like local NAT translation.Does anyone know about this (Dataone UT300) ADSL modem spec like original vendor and does it support ethernet !?.Thanks,Vasu
i use UT300 n it supports USB n ETHERNET