Can I Use My Office User Name/pwd At Home

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Hi !I got 2 MTNL connections last month, 1 at home and one at office. In both the accounts I have 400MB download. I have seen that my home download is 100-150 MB whereas office download finishes its quota by 20th. Can I use my home username/pwd (telephone no/CA no.) in office?Pls tell me.Thanx
No u cant use the username/pass of ur home wont help in any way
MTNL has recently implemented Port Binding on which I have written earlier. Just read tht post & u'll no why u can't use home a/c @ office & vice-versa.
ya thats what i was gonna reply nxt....that this has not been implemented in delhi yet hence delhites can still access their a/c's remotely. i.e u can use ur home/office usrname and pass at ur office/home(respectively).
Hi ! Thanx !

I tried changing username and password here
but it doesn't seem to be working. So I need to change Username/pwd somewehere else too ?

Also, I istalled Netgear Wifi Router WGR614, after that FTP is not working. Someone told me to create a bridging connection but I have not been able to do that. Pls help.


hi guyz
plz help me also..... i also had my friends user name & password....
i have 400mb plan & my friend have night unlimited (590) plan..
can i use his username & password or not...
plz tell me....
if yes then how....

plz reply some body....
or email me at [email protected]
plz help me....
I'm in delhi..and i just changed my username and password and replaced it with a friend's in my router.. it doesn't used to earlier, now it doesn' 1. I entered the user annd pass of a friend who's phone lies with another exchange, so that may be a reason.2. will try with my neighbour, and tell you soon..
2. will try with my neighbour, and tell you soon..[/b]

Your "Soon" comes after 4 months??? 😀

Noobs are annoying yaar! 🙂
Imranais >> Hi, long time, i'm writing this after 4 months..!!!!!!Nope, nothing works.. u gotta use ur own username/pass only..Bad luck.