Cancelling within trial period.

Airtel, Jio
So if I cancel within their trial period, will they refund me like they are stating? I just looked up on twitter and quora, so many people never got their refunds yet. 🙁
Did they collected ont and back details ?
I called them and they asked me the reason for cancellation. They said I will get another call tomorrow to verify the cancellation. After which their engineer will take the box and ask me to add my bank details for refund.
@Max Rockatansky I was also told the same thing. I used to get calls daily. When I take the call, I just hear a ring tone on the other side with no one to talk and call gets disconnected. This happened almost daily. Finally on the date when the SR for cancellation was to get closed as per the deadline, its automatically closed. Later I got a call for device pickup and bank details for further processing.