Chat With Others In Your Ip Subnet !

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Check out this super cool page!

When you logon to that page [registration not mandatory],you can chat with those internet users who are in the same subnet range at you!!

For eg,if your ip address is ,when you logon to that site you are taken to a chat room
where you can chat to users having ip address 58.123.X.X .

You need to be a little lucky to have someone else also connected to that room at the same time though..

Give it a try!.
Heres my ip range

People are most welcome here
QUOTE(mystery_inc18 @ Sep 4 2006, 11:07 PM) [snapback]61134[/snapback]
hmm its cool but i cud'nt find anyone there ;(

🙁 🙁

If you dont find anyone,you cant still leave a message- when someone logs into the room later they can see the message you left & reply to it.

For now ,anyone can hangout in this room :

Keep talking!