Cheapest Broadband

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Yes Mtnl hai to sahi hai
maybe u could have started a poll for the best value for money broadband 🙂
Well lets go this way cheapest bandwith is provided by airtel ,but if quality is not a concern and and one does only few mins of surfing per day cheap companies like sify will win.( one of my friend pays Rs 800 for 6 months of sify usage, speed 64 kbps and hrs 100) airtel definately cant do that ,one has to pay at least Rs 500 PM for any kind of package and i know many people still feels that they need to spend just Rs 100-200 PM on net like they do for mobile phones.
I think BSNL has some plan for Rs 200 or something (256 kbps with 400 MB Limit). So getting a usable broadband for 200 is not impossible.

usable broadband for a couple of hours. i had say, go to a good cybercafe. 20 bucks an hour. that is cheap broadband.
Originally posted by krish_88@Nov 18 2005, 03:55 PM
Yes Mtnl hai to sahi hai
Hey whatcha gonna download with that 450MB limit? Hmm....the whole internet? 🙄

AFAIK, pricing wise, exattnet is the cheapest. But the BIGGEST con is that, it's not available everywhere 🙁
Most certainly:EXATT40k-450128k-900256k-1505(Unlimited schemes, including 10.2% service tax, and local CTO charges)Absolutely no capping/packet shaping whatsoever.Cheers,Amogh
check out airtel's rate plans than.128kbps-Rs 699256kbps-Rs999(+ taxes) No CTO involved so no charges,promised speeds ,absolutely no other charge,trully unlimited.Also this includes monthly telephone rental.
Originally posted by amogh_gulwady@Nov 19 2005, 10:37 AM
Most certainly:EXATT

(Unlimited schemes, including 10.2% service tax, and local CTO charges)

Absolutely no capping/packet shaping whatsoever.

[/quote] got those prices through the CTO? Well here are the prices if you take it directly from exatt!

64 Kbps - 325
128 Kbps - 475
256 Kbps - 720
512 Kbps - 1,400

Prices are for monthly packs. As always, no data and no port caps 😉
Originally posted by cancer10@Nov 19 2005, 03:23 PM
@Sushubh: Do you have any article for Airtel BroadBand on Techwack?

not really. never found anything to complain about.