Combining two Airtel connections to increase speed.

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Airtel VDSL Broadband
Dear All,

I have two Airtel 40 Mbps connections I want to make it 80 Mbps by combining them together. Is there any way ?
Kindly guide in detail.

Get a dual wan router. You still probably won't get 80mbps on single download but overall bandwidth would be 80mbps.
I am thinking that you are Paying 998rs + gst for two connections. Why not disconnect one and change plan to 100mbps one ?
Is there any way in Windows 10 to combine two wireless or Ethernet connection

Easiest way is to get a VPN that supports bonding.

Windows 10 Channel Bonding: the Ultimate Guide to Link Aggregation - Speedify

I did a test with a VM in AWS Mumbai, this VM was running a DIY VPN instance. This was with two connections (40 + 40mbps), got ~75 mbps aggregate bandwidth.

It is better to do it on router so that all devices on network get benefit of 2 connections.
Wan Aggregator/Load Balancing router

This solution should work for most situation. However , it will not give combined bandwidth for a single connection (Say uploading a 1 GB Video).

To achieve that, devices are needed at both ends, consumer as well as ISP.

With VPN, VPN becomes the "ISP" I.e. an ISP that supports link aggregation.

A video to demo this approach :