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I am testing a compressed homepage version of the forum to make it load fast. Though it does not seem to be very user friendly. Your suggestions invited. 😕
it is good idea but side-effects shud be taken in i have to click on each top level forum to see if there is new post in sub-forums. so it infact increases clicks and probably wud increase load on server too instead of page looks so small that it might give impression to new visitors that this forum doesnt have so many topics to discuss.
heh. i will try to think of a middle way to the whole thing. the original version was way too long. lot of scrolling.
yes even i found original version too long. but this small version is too tightly packed. may be someway it can be made spacious.
nope. it would again become excessively tall... i need to regroup the folders to have maximum of three sections. will plan and do somthing about it.

ok. what about putting subforums in two coloums.. the present format looks too clumsy