Confusion Help me out Sony ericsson phone

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I was gonna buy SE k600i then i saw SE k608i . both the phones look almost the same the latter being lighter by 5 gms other than that there is no diff. they have same specs.Can u guys figure out what the diff. is coz i looked at there site and couldnt find out anythin more about this 🙁
hmmmm.....there seems to be no difference. but i think there might be a difference in the memory. on their website it says k608i has 33 mb memory while theres nothing mentioned about memory for k600i.these mobiles are really cool, they're just mind blowing. and i believe k608i costs only 10.5k 🙂but the only thing is that they dont have expandable memory as in the case of many other Sony ericsson phones. i think SE should bring out mobiles with expandable memory like Nokia. then i think nokia will really have to go for a run!! 😀
Hey pal,U buying it coz u like it design or what.K600 and 608 has 3G which is pretty much useless in india atm.So ,i advise u to not to go for k600/608,so save the premium for 3g and buy a better phone like w550 or k750 .Both k600 and k608 are similar phones,changes are mostly cosmetic (k608 comes mainly as branded ones as i know).
yup they sure are expensive.i dont get why you shouldnt go for a 3g phone, just because no one is providing it? then why would anyone buy the Nokia 6680 or the n series?i think at 10.5k these cell phones are really worth it.regarding the difference, why dont you ask the people at the mobile gallery? im sure they must know. 🙂
if u look at the features and the looks of phone and this at 9.5k bux is unbeatable (3g is just an extra feature)

it costs 9.5?? 😱 then it surely is unbeatable!!!🙂 i thought it was 10.5k because 2-3 days back i saw an advertisement in the newspapers which said it was for 10.5k.btw, i just checked their website, they have a new model coming up, k610i, looks awesome. it hasnt been released yet but sure looks good to wait for. 🙂
hmmm 2 mp storage card and web synchronization.... damn.....but this would surely carry a high price tag 🙁IF u look frm other point of view it will make k608i a little cheaper 😛 so maybe im in luk if i wait till its launched in the market 🙂
k750 prices will be falling (remember k800 has been shown and will be out soon)There are new models coming too.s700 might not be a bad option if u want a good camera (infact it has the best 1.3mp sensor)
k750 is for 15k bux rite now , at max it will come down to 12 or maybe 11k but when 610 release 608i will reduce by atleast a k or 2k so that would make it more affordable..waise lets wait and see wht happens i guess i will wait for 2 more months untill these release's take place