connection literally hangs!

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Trib 649_Combo
i have mtnl triband 590 nu plan. used tz connection optimizer to optimize and now get 32kb/s speed. well, the only problem with my connection is:that when i am using the connection for downloading any file(using leechget or an other) or even while browsing the net, the connection suddenly goes dead, i.e. the usb led and the adsl led remain static( and not blink) indicating no data flow.i have XP with SP2.please help!PS: those of u who get low speeds(
The usb port is known to have problems, dude. Try the ethernet port instead for a stable connection if u have the 502T router from MTNL.
Yes, very true...Want stable connection, go for Ethernet...just need a Rs. 250 Ethernet (NIC) card.As per the light status goes, "ADSL" should always be solid green, "Status", should blink and the "USB" (in ur case) or "Ethernet" light should also be solid.As the USB blinks, it also disturbs the ADSL one. The prb. lies in the USB slot or the wire tht ur using dude.But again I wud say, better go for Ethernet connection.... 🙂
even if the LEDs (ADSL/USB) flickers it should be very indicate data flow...and yes, ethernet port's rock solid!!!use that...
Originally posted by boygr8@Jul 7 2005, 10:35 PM
Lokesh do u get constant 32 KBps?????/ or fluctuating

well, to tell the truth i first had a speed of 24-26 kb/s(from opera and from leechget 28kb/s). then after i found tz connec. booster at cnet and used it, the download managers have started giving a speed of >30kb/s(which ofcourse flucs. b/w 29-31.99kb/s) 🙂
on others such as opera it gave around 29kb/s when connection not used for other thing. for torrent clients also i got gud speed but then it depends on ur peers too!

can u post the ADSL Status of ur modem???go to "Status" then "ADSL" and tell us what all u see...