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I have a macbook pro which has two partition . Both has MAC os mojave 10.14.6.
In one of the partition railwire connection is almost stable whereas with another one i keep on getting this error .

Could not find a PPPoE Server for the specified service . Delete the service name option & try reconnecting .

How to fix this . Thanks
Devices are : DBC XPON BC-1000B-HGX ( no wifi ) with BEETEL 450TC3 ADSL2 Router System
( This macbook pro has no ethernet )
you are dialing pppoe on both devices? with same username? pppoe is point to point so it only connects on a single device.

If you are doing PPPoE on the ADSL2 router it won't work as its for DSL only, it won't connect with Ethernet PPPoE.

Get an Tenda AC10 or Acher C6. On that router itself you can dial PPPoE instead.
JB701 : Thanks for the response. see in mac os i have 2 partitions with 2 os separately installed . It is like having 2 machines - almost - which i am sure all are aware of. My isssue is i am getting connected with both os . only thing is with one os my connectivity is getting often disconnected with the error message which i shared in my first post.
is there any fix for that is my request . Thanks
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ah ok, idk what Railwire service name is, maybe someone else here who is on Railwire will know it. Maybe you haven't entered the service name on the 2nd OS? Are the PPPoE settings exactly the same?
Everything is fine or else how it would get connected 🙂. There should be some "other" thing which disrupts the connectivity - i think. if there is any fix ....would appreciate . sustaining the " connectivity " seems to the issue.
In my response The BOLD thing happened by mistake . Not intentional .

So, DBC --wired--> BEETEL -Wireless-> mac
Let DBC handle PPP(oE) connections for you. It probably has DHCP server too. Make that your router and BEETEL thing your "dumb ap".
It should be able handle your workload.
It probably has DHCP server too. Make that your router and BEETEL thing your "dumb ap". CAN you kindly explain this . and what do you mean by WORKLOAD. Thanks so much wheat bread.