crap speeds all the time... (in browsers)

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hi guyzi get crap speeds.. like 8 - 10 kBps , in my browser(s) ie Firefox & IE... In both the cases , the download speed does not go above 10...& dont even think of my upload speed , it doesnt go beyond 6-7 🙁But , in the case of torrents , in the day time i get 25-30 KBps while downloading (with azureus) & the same in uploadingAt night , due to the double speed offer , i get 40-50 kBps (ONLY IN TORRENTS THAT IS) ...I cannot figure out what the problem exactly is :huh: I am using Beetel 220BX with Airtel's Home 999 plan...Please Help !!!!!!! 🤔 Thanks a lot....
I think this phenomenon is across the board... basically sometime in the last few months they have had some major change in their system which has improved p2p download speeds, but reduced browsing speeds which seems counterintuitive to what you would expect them to do........ it's weird, but I am not aware of any solution.
I get the same speeds whether it's with IE or Dap/p2p apps but i've noticed high latency when connecting to any server (pinging takes 360ms and is also upwards of 300ms) which results in web pages loading slowly and buffer underruns (skipping) with streaming audio/video. Am from S. Delhi btw.
this latency/lag is another thing to piss you off...i can understand if lag is high to servers which are geographically far away (US/EU) but at least these duffers should be able to get us good "pings" to nearby places like singapore, japan, s.koreai've noticed i get good download speeds (direct, not "p2p") like ftp, http etc if i download from some (not all) european servers and asian servers (singapore, korea, japan) but the lags are still high.if downloading large files, like say, ISOs of the latest linux releases, choose a mirror from singapore (, sometimes germany, sweden, france etc(im on bsnl not airtel 🙂
yeah - i was wondering for weeks why my d/l speed off FTPs and http link were so bad.. I just wish Airtel will fix it asap! :blink:
I am on 256 kbps speed plan. It means that I should get 256/8=32 kBps download speed but when I download in IE or Firefox I get a speed of 6-7 kBps only but when I download anything in DownloadExpress it gives me around 30 kBps and sometimes around 45-50 in night . I know that download mangers increase download speed but so much???? what is the reason????

DL manager give more speed as they create multiple connections to the server where as ur IE creater 1 or at max 2 , but there are patches that can inc teh conn. limit to 10 .....well u get 40-50 kbps at nite coz after 10:30 ur speeds get doubled (airtel double speed @nite offer)...