D-link Dsl - 502t (router+modem) @ Pune

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BSNL-Home 500C
Hi Friends

I'm from Pune and called the D-Link guy with their given number from www.D-Link.co.in at Pune

They only deal with BULK orders !!!
But he gave me another dealer address at Shivajinagar.

I called that guy and he told me the price of D-Link 502 T is Rs 1850/-

But I have seen that its Rs 1600/- at Hyderabad.

So how it can be Rs 250/- diff ???

Do you any other genuine dealer at Pune ???
there is a shortage of modems/routers in the market .hence the price might have been increased . try to bargain a little . you may get it at Rs. 1750/-
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hey come to HYd dude..i will give u new Modem.... 1600 /- Only...wit warrenty too...

Hi Sify Hacker

Can you plz tell me the complete address+contact numer of the genuine dealer of D-Link for which you are talking about ?

For u


D-Link India Limited,
4, Commerce Avenue,
S.no. 127, Mahaganesh Colony,
Paud Road,
Above Gadgil Jeweller Showroom,
Pune - 411 038

Tel. : 91-20-2545 0018
TeleFax : 91-20-3091 1708/2545 0018
Email : [email protected]
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heheheheh :lol:
They ONLY deal with BULK orders friends.
I had a word with them. But they gave me another dealer name at Shivajinagar, Pune who is a retailer and saying its Rs 1850/-

Can you plz give me the dealer address at HYD who is giving it for Rs 1600/- ?


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Yes dude...


D-Link India Limited,
103, Ist Floor, LBR House,
Picket Main Road,
Secunderabad- 500003

TeleFax : 91-40-2771 7392
Email : [email protected]

Now in hyd price is 1500/- Only..

IF u wana come to Hyd Contact me...
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^ friend , you are giving D-Link branch address fromwebsite ! it is not the dealer's address ... @CrazyBoy , I'd suggest to not purchase from a far awayplace , unless you are a regular visitor to that place !