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NA just gets stuck after I login, no activity at all 🙁 if I give a wrong password, it promptly replies that it is invalid, but cant login...anyone else have similar probs?
Hi friendsIm new to this forum. I got my Dataone activated on 03/12/2005. I can browse sites ok but cannot log into my email account of Dataone. It always says wrong UserID or Password.Initially someone said it takes a few days to get the email account from Bangalore or "Bangaluru" (Im not sure). But its nearly 1 month now. Nothings happening on email. 16004241600 takes down complaint every time if at all i chance to get the line to talk to them, but nothing happens.Any advice?
First off all Avik congrats on the new conection welcome to and I share same name "Avik"r u from kolkata?Regarding your question about the mail account you whould get it within 5 day of issuing of IDBut recently ther is some update going in the server so it will take timeAnd plz don't ever call that hotline they know nothingIf you are from kolkata I will give you the local number where you will get someone who can answer you...
See,I got my dataone.. 1 month before. but still i m not able to access webmail.bsnl ppl had given me 1 password. i logged into webmail using that password and changed that password. and from then neither it acceps the old password nor the new one.i suggest to completely forget that crappy 5MB mailbox. Use Gmail (2GB) or 30Gigs (30 GB Mailbox) What more u want than 30gb?i think bsnl will improve its services , say after some 20-25 years.
Hello,If you know the original password supplied by BSNL, then try that. That may work.Regards

Hello Kambui, Yes, I am Avik from Kolkata. So you can lend me the Kolkata number of BSNL.

And Raptor, as suggested by you, I could not log in with my telephone no. as password.
avik pm is not working ? ok i will give the number here 22137600Secretly to Avik ***r akta kotha akhane phone kore complain koro thi ache but kono din amarder forumer kotha bolo na ****
Originally posted by leftyworkin@Dec 29 2005, 09:00 PM
ok working now! coolio 😀

hey, what did u do?

tell me!

i also wanted to open that webmail!

what password do we hav to supply?