Dead cheap router for running DD-WRT/Open-Wrt

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I am looking for a router which is below 1200 INR for running Open-Wrt/DD-WRT . Basic requirement is minimum 300 Mbps. Does anyone have any idea ?
Almost all routers under Rs. 1200 will have the following specs,
1. 100Mbps ethernet ports
2. WiFi N - 2.4GHz
3. 32MB RAM and 4 MB flash, doesn't support latest OpenWRT.

AFAIK TP-Link archer C6 is the cheapest router which suits your requirements.
@igloo M31/M21 supports 2.4ghz & 5ghz. 20200921_151519.webp
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Had NEXX WT3020. Small package and great coverage. Worked well for 3-4 years. Bought it for less than 1k. Not sure if this model is still available.
Also you need to be careful about the Version of the router. Not all version can be imaged. Check the compatibility matrix before purchase.
Best bet is to buy used routers on olx like websites. You can get compatible ones for 500-800 if you bargain.
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