delhi Gurls.... BOMBAY BABES

Ankit took your web site to the top coz he wants you to be popular.... loland I have some doubts about you and the clip... he he he
hey ppl, il be coming 2 bombay from london hope der r girls der 2 -censured- 😛

sorry, please have a handle on your words
they shud have BPs... no not blue prints... bombay public school..just to add to da already HOT female popn
prefer bombay... but some places here re too hyped. have not seen delhi yet but would certainly like to. cant talk bout the women much coz am almost settled here... hehehe. hey k-khalsa am in andheri too. but study in bandra at andrews. doin my mass media there. bandra is pretty good to hang out at. but i wouldnt wanna live there. andheri si nice for me... but the place needs some relief from he crowds tho!!!

andheri is best place.. and very crowded.actually andheri is merged with lot of part of jogeshwari.If you see it in google earth huge portion of andheri is beyond jogeshwari station. 🤔
mmmmmmum gurlzz rockask me i knoin the jam session we do a lot of stuff except jammin 😛