Details about ACT Broadband

tata photon
Currently I live in Indira nagar, bangalore.
I wanted to subscribe for ACT Broadband and have few queries regarding the connection.
1) How is the speed and reliability of ACT broadband?
2)How about the service and customer support?
3) Do they provide modem with new connection? or What are all the things given with new connection?
4) Do I need to purchase wireless router on my own? If so, whether I should buy ADSL router or normal wireless router?
5) Which wireless router is suited for ACT broadband?
Kindly do the needful by answering my questions.
Thank you
P. Designwork
1. Speed and reliability is very good ..Havent faced any low speed as of now...Actually I get lil more speed than i have subscribed for 🙂
2. Well to be frank Customer care sucks when there is a major problem in an area due to line cut or something. in that case they dont even pick up the phone..And in such situation I always call the local guy and he normally gives me a complain number. If only you have some problem then CC should solve it.
3.Nope..they do not provide any model as they provide CAT5 cable which fits in you RJ45 port(Ethernet port in your system).
4&5. I suggest you to go for only wireless router and not with the modem. You can go for any wireless router as far they have RJ45 input. btw i use Asus RT-N12 300mbps wireless like a charm without any advanced settings .
All the best with the connection