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Hi, i was tring to browse my LAN yesterday and found that no one is sharing his/her file. that is imposibble. i confirmed with my friend who was sharing some stuff and i tried to browse his PC and was not able to browse his PC and then i went into my Firewall settings and found that file and printer sharing was unchecked. and i think it is done by that sify dialer. i havn't tried it again. coz whole LAN got burst yesterday. i m in office at the moment. if u've got the same problem then tell me.
yes its happens here also but it is not done by sify client but cto or sify guys changing router configurations . In our area you can ping only the gateway and no other ip at all ( also programs like borgchat wont work , you can try it ! ) even if you ping people in other ip ranges u cannot access port 139,445,etc. they are blocked to prevent spread of viruses ( good thing ! ) but other ports are open . I dunno how they do it but i am sure its the network config bcoz i never installed sify client ! This is going on from abt 4 months here ..
Yes There HAve Done This.if u want to share Something over lan u have to release all the ports from pc guard.I have done this and found that we can share pc'sThanks
wats the default passwords for lan machines.....tried many a times non dont work...enought nothing in specific has been set ...
what LAN machines You are talking about. if u are talking in terms of systems on LAN. then i used to access windows 2000 OS PC's with username as "administrator" and password Blank. 🙂 windows XP have the same thing but you can't login remotely on any XP machine without password. i mean blank password. i did alot of research on that. and to find the OS of LAN machines look for advanced LAN scanner. 😛

hey just a second ppl.. i contacted my local sify ppl in my area and he says, "Both d sify provider and sify dealer blocks it to prevent virus and spyware threats!!. Sharing will be unblocked only for proxy pcs and other offices using proxy only!!"
Hi, guys just restore the firewall to default and u'll get full sharing. and alsotry to disable port blocker which starts up with windowsl. that seems to resolve the pblm. and as i mentioned in firewall settings allow file and printer sharing. because dialer seems to be doing that.
Friends nothing can be done from within ur PC. This has been done by the sifys network engineers(sorry but they dont deserve to be called enginners they are MEGANOOBS), sify has been using a hardware firewall which is like a router so that u can ping only their local gateways and nothing else
but dude we can ping other gateways now as well. and DC++ rocks here. i mean all ip range ppl can connect to my hub.