Does 24mbps after FUP plan actually exist on BSNL?

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....cause that seems very unlikely to exist but I have seen that plan on various websites. Such plan is not on the bsnl website page but then I thought maybe they don't update the website as much. Or, maybe this is available in some regions. So, does this actually exist or is this a lie? I am thinking about changing to FTTH but the after FUP 2mbps plans are giving me no reasons to go for it as the DSL plans also have the same after FUP speed i.e. 2 mbps. Airtel Fiber is not available or I would have opted for the 799+299 plan. Jio's after FUP 1mbps speed is also just not it and I don't any see any unlimited plans under 1200-1300 on their website.
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That's a typo, it's 2 mbps after FUP.