Does ACT allow port forwarding on TCP port 80 and 443?

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Airtel ACT
Does ACT allow port forwarding on TCP port 80 and 443 with their Broadband plan? If not does getting a static IPv4 from them allow me to port forward 80 and 443?
Port 80 is blocked on ACT’s end due to security issues. That’s what they told me when I enquired them about port forwarding for a game. I have a static IP and yet it doesn’t forward.
@rajil.s Was port 80 open for you all the time or since recently? All these years whenever I checked, it said it was blocked, but I just checked now and it says it's open, wtf..

@retionac I pay Rs 300+ taxes/month

I am paying 236 rupees inclusive of GST for a public IP address. They ask for your MAC address to which they will bind your Public IP. While you don't have to do anything specific from your side to switch over to static IP you can manually configure the IP. I have it left is PPPoE mode in my OPNsense firewall and it seamlessly migrated from dynamic NATed private IP to public Static IP. I can confirm that all ports are open both TCP and UDP including 80 and 443.