Dvd-rom Inplace Of Dvd Player


BSNL DataOne
Hey can anyone tell that is it possible to get the DVD-ROM connected to TV to Watch movies? Which cables will be required to do so.As my friend has used his CD-ROM in his car in place of MP3 Player. And its working gr8.
wow i didnt knw dat thnx 🙂 nas for ur query dvd-rom cannot be attached to a TV coz it connects via a flat ribbon cable to the mobo n it has no other O/P portwhereas in a cd/dvd-rom u get a special audio output port which can be connected to another device!hope dat solves it 😀
fixing a cd drive in a car? makes little sense considering the cd drives for computer are not really designed to handle jerks. and cd players for cars are pretty cheap nowadays. u get more than just the cd playing ability 3k would get a fm + mp3/wma/altrac cd player. and u get equalizer and ur friends wont stare at u for sporting that samsung player in ur car.as for the tv. chinese imported cd players are freakingly cheap. 😕
I think what everyone is trying to say is that you really don't want to use a DVD-ROM drive as a DVD player even if it's possible to do so.... technical feasibility apart, how would you do things like navigating menus, rewind/fast-forward, or for that matter play / pause??Using a CD-ROM drive as a cd player is something I have seen shopkeepers at Nehru Place doing, so as to hook up a source of music to some speaker set they are demonstrating. Other than that for the reasons named above, it's a pretty silly solution for a cd player.