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Airtel 8 Mbps 'Unlimited'
The deal is that I don't know much (or rather anything) about using mobile phones to access e-mails, the internet, or instant messaging. I have a hutch prepaid connection, and I want to be able to use applications which need to update periodically from the net. What are my options? Also how does one activate MMS? And do MMSes count as regular messages (as in would MMSes be included in my 1500 free messages from Hutch's Two-to-talk?)
This is what I had to do in Bombay:

1. Call up Hutch to activate GPRS on my prepaid
2. I have Nokia 6020, it comes loaded with default setting for Airtel, Idea, Hutch, BSNL
3. Selected Orange/Hutch settings in Phone
4. http://wap.google.com worked 🙂

In case your phone does not have settings pre-loaded, you can get these by sending PH to 123.
and then you can browse the net etc.? Also, what are the charges. If I am not mistaken, Hutch charges a flat 'rental' of Rs. 100 per month and then some data charges, right? How much does it work out to be for you per month?
Yes, I was able to surf quite a few sites. Though sites that are designed specifically for mobile work better with my handset.Cost for me its 49 per month, and I have to pay 10 Rs per Mb of data download.Cost of each MMS is 3 Rs.I think MTNL has a much better package in terms of GPRS
Yup...MTNL prepaid charges 2 paise per Kb. And no monthly rental so that's a big relief. You need a minimum balance of 50 bucks talktime to use this feature.
Then rate is same as Hutch 🙁 2 paise per KB is 10 Rs per MB.MTNL has a 400 or 500 Rs. plan for GPRS that does not have any data limit.EDIT:In fact it is worse then Hutch, 2 paise per KB means Rs 20 per MB

I remember the times when Hutch GPRS was 100 Rs/month flat, no charging per MB bullshite. Must have made over 50 friends on various wapsite forums and chatsites and downloaded shitloads of stuff (by mobile standards that is 😛). I didn't have a PC those days, that was my only nerd outlet 😛.