EA Increasing PC Game Prices in India

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Source: http://www.mcvindia.com/news/read/indian-gamers-react-to-ea-pc-price-hike-with-eapcindia-campaign/
Indian PC gamers have taken to Facebook and Twitter to air their discontent at the rising prices of EA’s PC games.
Using the #EAPCIndia hashtag, designed to give Indian gamers a single platform to make themselves heard on the issue, gamers continue to share their opinions on the matter. While some question the reasoning behind the dramatic hike, others see it as a move that will push most PC gamers back towards piracy.
EA announced a couple of days ago that it will price FIFA 14 at Rs 2,499 and Battlefield 4 and Need for Speed: Rivals at Rs 3,499. That’s up from last year’s price of Rs 1,499 – a 66% to 133% hike.
The reasoning behind the hike is that EA would like prices for its PC games around the world to be the equivalent of $60, for various reasons. The primary reason is that gamers outside India have been able to gain VPN access to the India Origin store and take advantage of lower Indian prices. This was a major issue during the release of Battlefield 3 Premium and it prompted EA to stop preorders on the Indian store. But the issue came up again following the release of SimCity, which resulted in the game being pulled and then re-released at a higher price. It seems quite harsh for EA to penalise the Indian market for Origin’s technical deficiencies. Steam has been quite successful in cracking down on users who abuse the system to circumvent region locks in such a way.
COD is also priced at 3499 for PC and 4099 for xbox. I mean seriously what the fuck?
I can buy a OG ps2 for almost the same price.
It's totally unfair to compare USA and India.
And then these companies blame piracy. If you cannot install proper region locks to prevent idiots from buying at cheaper rates here, it's your fault. I still remember how I put off all plans to buy BF Premium after they increased the rates to match with the international ones... Dude, Indians earn a fraction of the money those countries do
3500 INR is almost equal to 60 USD , so pay as much as rest of the world is going to pay for the same game . if the pricing hurts you blame the corruption ( and piracy ) .
How did corruption and piracy lead to prices increasing by 100% ? Care explaining it?
They can sell it for 1500Rs instead of 3500, but they wont, because cheapsters from other countries are armed with VPNs to buy from India, a situation that can be tackled by various means, but they figured it would be easier to just sell it at USD because the average gamer in USA and the average gamer in India are totally the same
I bought a lot of EA games in the past but not anymore.. I'll pirate it even if they are affordable. I can get shitloads of these in steam sales.

arnab21 said:
3500 INR is almost equal to 60 USD , so pay as much as rest of the world is going to pay for the same game . if the pricing hurts you blame the corruption ( and piracy ) .
Compare the prices of actual books, ebooks, DRM FREE Songs in USA and India. Purchasing power of Indian people is far less than that of America. It's insane that we usually end up paying more for hardware and even software in loads of cases.
Pricing games competitively here in India had actually pushed a lot of serious games to take the legit route. The reason why PC gaming still dominates console gaming in India is the same... Steam ends up offering much better deals on PC games compared to what is usually available on consoles.
If Apple can sell DRM Free MP3 songs for 10 bucks in India, I am not sure why EA cannot do the same in India.
because EA sucks money from everywhere around the world and India WAS an exception ! steam also have ridiculous pricing ( 60 usd games = 60 gbp = 60 Euro is steam logic ) . I remember some 60 usd games were priced 90 usd in australian store of valve . it's not right but gamers from there could buy games but we Indians simply can't afford it . so our problem is not global problem . yes it's true steam offers better deal in sale . on regular days steam = EA in pricing .
I dont know why people buy games for consoles anyways ?? when you know you can get EACH and every benefit with the copy, EA should know the PPP of India is not same as USA ... no blaming piracy and corruption, I blame GREED pure GREED by EA....
Consoles games do not get cheap with time. PC games do.
These gaming companies have the capability to offer games for cheap in India. I bought Duke Nukem Forever for around 50 dollars from Steam. Found out a few days later that the same game was on sale in the retail market for Rs. 599. Of course, EA is unlike most other gaming companies. They are the epitome of evilness in the videogaming industry. So, these are just lame excuses.