Enabling bridge mode in Nokia router provided by ACT Fibernet

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Madurai, Tamil Nadu
ACT Fibernet
I was provided with a Nokia G140W-C by ACT Fibernet. I was getting signal drops and less range than my D-Link router from my secondary network.

So I want bridge the Nokia router to a TP-Link router and use it as my main router without creating additional SSIDs. Has anyone ever done this before, and any idea on how to do this ?

Do you recommend me calling an executive to do this procedure or is it possible for me to do it myself ?

Thanks once again guys...
If you have a user id and password and also any details like Vlan in Nokia Router, you may need the same to configure the router in Bridge.
Can you tell what I am doing is right ?

I enable bridge mode on all LAN Ports. Then I connect an ethernet cable from the Nokia to my new TP-Link WAN port.

What settings do I need to change so that NAT capabilities of the Nokia is disabled and only the TP Link has NAT capabilities ?
You can just use your own router instead of ACT provided router. Connect ACT cable to WAN port of your router and configure the pppoe connection on your router and it will work just fine.
What I am suggesting is, just don't use your Nokia router at all. Directly connect ACT cable to your router and configure PPPOE on your router itself. You can just disconnect Nokia router and keep it aside.

@gopichandpai My ACT connection is fiber optic. So an ONT router is required to use the internet in my region. The process you are telling is the standard in major cities and is also provided by ACT. But in my city, ACT uses an ONT router as a work-around for the time being.

Thank you for your response btw.