External Ethernet Port


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Airtel Xstream Fiber (300Mbps)
Router : RPi-4B (OpenWrt), TP-Link A6 (AP)
My laptop supports only 100mbps ethernet bandwidth.

I want to use upto 1gig, is there anywag I can do it?
Does your laptop have USB c? You could get a usb c to gigabit ethernet adapter. Won't be full gigabit but can do much faster than 100 mbps
Sushubh, dude, I have problems with my ISP. Can you listen and help me out a little?

I have airtel broadband from past few months, likely 5 months, and I only had downtime twice when they had to repair the cables cut.

But, while listening to any song or while talking over discord, the song or voice breaks for 2-3 seconds. Looks like packet loss.

I today got jio fiber installed but, I am not having any such issues with jio fiber.

What do you think what the problem is? And my airtel is through LCO.

What is the plan speed on JioFiber ? I didnt get you. You said you got JioFiber installed and are not having any hiccups with Internet ?? What is the problem you are facing ??
150mbps on jio fiber, 200mbps on airtel fiber.
On airtel, I get around 220-230, and on jio I get around 140-144mbps.