Filing a Suit against Sify B.Band - ur views plz

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Hullo junta,Me is One of the "Gifted Users of Sify Broadband" , i'd got a 6 month 64kbps UNLIMITED connection in November 2004After 5 months(today),... I try to log on to the "most amazin broadband connection" (sify) on a sunday morning and what do i see.....??????? My expiry date shows May 10 instead of May 25 ... i mean wtf????? what r these IDIOTS upto?? nothing of this 150 MB /day stuff was told when i bought the connection.So what do i do now?? I call sify ..1. the toll free number either doesnt connect.. or the recorded message says "press star to continue" and abruptly stops (even if u bang the * button on ur telephone device)2. i call the local number and i am to wait for 15 min before i get some dick head to answer my queries ( jus adding to my $#@%#$% frustration) - the amazin customer care : I tell him what has happened to my connection and then he says , "its like that only sir" ...huh wtf?? ..he pauses for a second and asks me to hold...comes back after 5 min saying " sir, if you d/l more than 150 MB per day, 1 day from your validity will reduce" ,and when i say i wasnt informed about this , the answer is " this is how it is for all the users sir, we implemented this 1 month ago for everybody , so its like that only"(aaaaaaaarggggggggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) ...........I download more than 600 MB per day and i'm connected 12 hours / day ( its 12 .. coz the other half of the day .. the freakin sify server is down)...I am seriously planning to file a suit against sify for engaging in fraudlent activities and manipulating a "service agreement".-------- what i need from you .. - > Your views, opinions ,suggestions etc.Help me kick sify's ASSNikhilps: i wrote the above in a super frus. plz don't mind the s*** i've used.
contact Ankur Raheja. use google to find out who is he! 🙂
Go man go.......I just bought a so callled "Broadband Packs" of sify 1GB 256 kbps pack....and beleive i am getiing no more than 64 kbps.......
i think he cannot submit anything more in courts. a new case would be better. u can use his experience for your case.
OhThat is even MORE screwed up, if u purchased a 6 months packI have the same... and i already mailed some punk ass contactperson here in BloreThey are really sick how they treat customers
susubh, adv. says that.... if i can get about 10 to 15 people to give their name, address and their proof of purchasing the pack with the same complaint as i have... it would make the petition strong enough... if u can start off a sticky thread or anything for sometime and let the chennai junta who have probs with sify get in touch wit me wud be gr8.wat say??Nikhil
post a new thread with clear language explaining what you plan to do and what you require. and i would do the rest. 🙂