Yar! Why Web Pirates Can't Be Touched

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"If the Swedish government presses charges, they’ll lose. If they don’t, the U.S. government will be mad at them," Sunde says. "They’re in quite a pickle."

So, he might have added, are the world’s copyright holders."

This is a little wooly statement, it assumes that because a download occurs then that *necessarily* translates into a lost sale.

What about stuff you never would have bought anyway.

In the good old days, ppl copied stuff onto tapes, was there a big song & dance, yes but i cant recall any convictions at the level you see in the US nowadays. Did the music or film indistry die, hell no. In fact it gave rise to movie rental shops that make a tidy profit.

They also ignore the new customers that get hooked on free stuff they never would have experienced otherwise. That figure isnt really known but its assumed not to exist.

Would i bother to download spiderman, why ? when i can watch it in the cinema with the big screen & cool sound effects.
Ethics apart, basically what the industries involved need to realize that they are going to have to fight this economically and not so much legally.

For instance, when you see the price of next-gen games (Rs. 40,000 for a ps3 and Rs. 3,000 per game!!!), that's fine for many Americans and Europeans - not just with regard to their gross incomes as compared to say the average urban person's salary in India, but also with regard to the difference in disposable incomes.

The end result is that apart from a few rich kids who have very indulgent parents, no one in India is going to buy these games, and 95% of console gamers are going to have to hold out till a) the console gets much cheaper and b) mod chips are available.

As goes with blr_p's argument, this would be a case of piracy where it would never have been a sale in the first place.

The crux of my rant is that the companies need to work out which demographic of their market would actually have purchased their product (music, movies, video games) if it had not been for it's free availability on the internet. Then they need to work out a business model to see how they can get exactly that segment to go the legal way (i.e. pay them).

That or stop whining.
Another utopian solution is to have companies in India that create Games and other shink-wrapped softwares hopefully those companies will have better focus on Indian market.