Gas Stove Burner Tops?

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I need four pieces for the gas stove in the kitchen. Two large and two smalls. Found this on eBay. Looks fine. Just curious if anyone has any idea if there is a better option to source these from?
Of course, I understand that it might not fit the burner we have because of design differences... But the cost is low enough to give it a go.

GAS Stove Burner 2 NOS Small BIG Suitable FOR ALL Company Stoves | eBay
If you have a Prestige, just call their customer care. They will get original ones for 400 bucks. Home fitting plus stove service 125 extra.
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hmm. i think it's sunflame. but i guess they should have a similar offer. should have tried them first!
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as expected, the parts from ebay did not fit. i am now trying to contact sunflame to get official replacements. they do not appear to have a dedicated call center. just a number for their corporate office. let's see.
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got a number from their corporate office. 1100 rupees for four burner tops 😛 person is supposed to come in the morning.

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guy finally arrived today and i got all the four burners replaced. much better now. ebay on the other hand has no update regarding my refund claim. not sure how that works now.
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