Geting a New FTTH Connection ! Need HELP ..

Hello , EveryoneAs we all know Ping acts a major Role while Playing some Multiplayer and that also if its Fps title .I live in Patna.Bihar ..Had BSNL UL 1425 Plan , and it gave me about 200ms in Singapore Servers [Game: Battlefield 3 Multiplayer]Still managable , was all going good , had to Shift to another Location , New Flat . thats why .Had Airtel and Aircel 3G SimCards , which worked absolutely great in Previous Location ,but the maximum tower i get here is like 1and 1/2 and Speed maximum of 25KBps :-(Now can't even Play any games , while my Team needs me the most at Present.FTTH was always in Mind , now its the Right time i choose that Connection . I have somehow managed and saved 3k Pocket money ,Too Confused about that Installation Charges and Rest Tax and Stuff..On BSNL Website Enterprise Section i saw something like ,Installation Charges = 500 + Security Deposit = 1000 (refundable) + Advance Pay of the Plan ,I gonna take the 2999/- one , so alltogether its like 1500 + your BB Plan Charges ,but the BSNL Commercial Officer said its 2400 + your Plan .. why so ? do they take Fibre Wire Charges aswell , I am new to all this ,So someone Already Owning the FTTH , Please Guide me through the Starting Money Taken and Stuff that one needs to know, while taking FTTH Connection ..Thanks for Reading the Whole Story , had to make it that way , so that , you feel my pain , A Gamers Pain 😛leasantry:Regardstheunreal.
The BSNL officer is absolutely right. I had paid Rs4999 as per their demand note for the same plan.
Some questions that came to my mind:1. Are their ping response time better on FTTH? Note that FTTH is one the last mile connection, it does not improve their routing or core and distribution networks.2. More so, will they really connect you on fiber ? FTTH is a generic term, it can also have a pair of copper to your house while the concentrator can be in one of the street cabinets connected with fiber to the CO, this is more appropriately terms as FTTC. I'm not going into commercials and bandwidth on offer, as I don't subscribe to the abuse they are doing to the FTTH terminology with the same.
regarding ping you can see it in the next thread in this topic. I have posted many of them.there is an improvement of about 30-40 ms in my case.
yes they connect you with fibre right upto your pc desk that is upto modem.
Well, you are comparing with DSL over copper and that marginals gains makes us all happy. FTTH on the other hand can be whole different story if done correctly, not only can you have a minimum of 32 Mbps Internet, Same line can give you IPvoice and digital TV. It can also bring you IP TV but that is not successful. I would rather wait and watch for the industry to gear up and meet the FTTH standards and not fall for the selling context that it is better than DSL so why not take it.
I'm a gamer too and the ping story is a pain in the ass. I'm really jealous of those European guyz. Still my MTNL copper wire connection is able to fetch me 100 ms ping on singapore servers.

what the story i need to know i also want a ftth connection as soon as possible, i am using 800 plan 1mbps , speeds aren't consistent anywhere , high pings , everything is just as same like others, so my question is if i want to take the ftth connection whats the whole procedure is all about, i want to know that and i am the only person in my building who wants to take ftth connection , so what are the charges and connection cost, share with me ..