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GMCBL has brought out an updated, lighter version of the Gurugaman App. New “Trip Planner” feature helps to find the nearest bus stop to your chosen start point and destination, gives details of the bus route, travel time, fare, interchange points and walking involved between the two stops.
Do install and share your feedback/suggestions that we could incorporate in the app.

The application has the following features:
∙ Weather: Gives weather information of the city, at that time.
. Pollution Index: Gives reading of current pollution index, in the city.
. Occupancy Display: Gives tentative seat availability of the bus running on a route at a bus stop.
∙ Route Details: Shows the bus stops on the route and on clicking the bus stop, shows the ETA and tentative occupancy of the bus on that stop.
∙ Track location of a bus: Shows the real time location of the buses plying on the route on the map.
∙ Metro: Shows the metro network and help you to plan your trip using the Metro network, in case you are travelling to Delhi.

In future the Application would, also add the “Trip Planner” to help you plan the trip from a designated “Source” to a “Destination”, using the routes operated by Gurugaman. The trip Planner would also link with Metro network in Gurugram.

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