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I'm not a customer of hathway neither have I been one. But here's hathway's new packages. Check it out. There's one plan that caught my eye. The liteway 8 to 8 plan, Rs. 400, 256 kbps, and unlimited download limit. Interesting. What do you guys think about it.
I've been a hathway user.Reason I shifted is because of being a download-addict and it was dearly expensive with hathway's 2 rupees per MB billing. Other than that, all else was quite wonderful, with good speeds, always-on, no connection drops, etc.Better check if that "400" is missing a zero. Knowing hathway, they can't be THAT generous. Now let them put out a round-the-clock connection (256 kbps) for anything below Rs.1k and I'll take it. (unlimited time/download required 😉)
hi ryan,thank for bringing this 8-8 plan to attention... the first hint i got of this was from zdnetindia, which (mindlessly?) reprinted the following:"Hathway launches high-speed NetHT Corporate Bureau,February 08, 2005 Hathway Cable Internet has introduced new broadband packages- providing high speed Internet.The new packages will give a superior broadband experience where the user will be able to access various download limits and its applications."---notice this priceless nugget in the last line... "superior broadband experience"... what's (deliberately?) confusing is "access various download limits" ... hmm...knowing - actually, having used - hathway, there's never much to expect. prathapml, i don't know what plan you were on, while using hathway, but even if one didn't download anything, and just plain surfs, their inane 300mb/month used to run out in a flash... the only way to stay within that limit was to turn off all graphics/animations, and not download anything... :-( a perfect example of the twisted variety of broadband in india. worse, the killer rs.2/mb charge for crossing 300mb... oooof.
That's also the difference between mindless reporters, and sushubh. 🙂@testsubjectalphaIndeed! I was on the 300 MB/month, then moved to 1 gig per month - nothing ever was sufficient. It would cross that limit in a flash! Hathway really made me see the beauty of opera in managing my down-stream traffic! (in the sense that I would spend a lot of time in tweaking opera to not load images/animations, reload dynamic pages undynamically, etc.)Damn, I had to think twice before downloading my antivirus updates - rationing it to twice a month. :'(
now i need some actual user to send me a writeup on how hotwire is and what their new packages are like 🙂

So hathway isn't worth it I guess. Hey sushubh, I'm on hotwire now so if you want me to do a write up, i guess I can. I've been with this service for like a year in total so I like the experience of it.
Haha. ok when I have time, I will tell you my experience. Am I going to be in your blog or something, just curious.