Help needed for D-link GLB-502T

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hey there..... i have managed to come across many posts for the automation thingie wid the telnet applet and also the bridged mode n all where u can use ur connection as a dial up one....but the thing being that they have all been done for dsl 502T model which has a different interface than the new glb 502T..... so can sum1 please help me out. that is can some 1 please tell me how to make my glb 502T in bridged mode??? or for that matter even the java applet would do as the current ones that haev been put up are not working for me and i think the reason is my modem having a different please any help will be greatly appreciated. please help me to put it in bridged mode as wat ive read so far i think bridged mode is one helluva good thing ^_^
Try this:
Open router page
select setup
select new connection
in TYPE select bridging
Make sure to make DHCP disable for bridging
Tools-system command-save all-restart
I hope U know how to make a dialler for bridge connection
hey thanks fer ur reply....but can u just tell me how can i disable my dhcp cos there isnt any specific option as such for disabling it >_