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Hi everyone,I am thinking of getting the 128 kbps Night Unlimited Shared, family pack. The Sify website says the speed it 128 kbps. Has anyone tried this pack? Also What does Shared mean? Does is mean that I can't be assured of 128 kbps (I guess with Sify nothing is assured)Does it mean that the speed will be shared among the other users in m LAN? Or will Sify simply cap the speed at its own free will, even if there are no other users on my LAN?Regards,Swap0
well they would say that it is being shared. but who knows whether it is or they are capping it. the whole point is... it is a risk that you will have to take if you do not have ANY other alternative. in my own experience, if you have got unlimited dialup offer from VSNL in your locality, it is a safer bet than any package of Sify Broadband.
They are back to their ol ways of so called "Shared" packs.Since they just changed it, I doubt any of their CC people know abt it. It has happenned to me before when the CC person said they had no clue abt whatz there on their website.
Wouldn't a dialup be too slow?I have an option of going for Iqara or Exattnet.But I have read mixed reviews of both, and am not sure they are any better than Sify. I regularly read about Iqara taking money from people and then doing the disappearing act. And Exattnet is being provided via the Cable guy who charges double the money Exattnet advertises. Talked with an Exatt guy, who said they were helpless because of the cable guy's monopoly.My Sify connection is a direct one and not via the Cable guy, since I took it over 2 years back. So I have to pay only what the Sify site advertises.However, I am actively looking for an alternative, since from 11 april, I have suffered a total downtime of more than 45 days, and those blood sucking demented Sify guys did not provide me a proper compensation.The only reason I am thinking about this package is it does not have the 150 MB limit which other 'unlimited' pakages have. Maybe Sify will make the speed so bad that one cannot possibly download 150 MB 🙁
well a good phone connection can give ya speeds upto 6 KBps. my friend in patiala loves it. airtel just won't service his areas. as for iqara, one of their customer support dude contacted me ensuring that he personally checks for user problems by searching on the internet. u can contact him and ask whether they can indeed promise decent services in your area. his mail id: [email protected]

refer his my name 😉
you will get between 14kBps to 16kBps on 128 night pack & its unlimited for sure their are 2 unlimited packs available on sify one is 128 night pack other is 256 night pack but on 256 night pack speed is between 22 kBps to 31kBps.

128 kbps unlimited account gives abt 12 KB/s in day and lil more at night over here .. Ur days are not deducted if u dload between 10:00 -8:00
"128 kbps Night Unlimited Shared, family pack" is it some new pack...or the good old 128 kbps 9 - 9 unlimited, the one i'm using??? 🤔since MTNL/BSNL have come into picture, they're giving good speeds...even 48 kbps ppl r getting around 12 kBps 😉 but those download limits per day still far as sharing goes, the LAN can support upto 100 i really don't think it would really matter how many ppl r there in ur LAN, coz finally the speed is controlled by their central (SAM) server only...
Now I am in a quandry. Whether to go for 128 kbps unlimited Shared night plan (9.00 to 9.00), knowing that it does not have 150 MB plan or to go for 128 kbps unlimited plan which seems to have the 150 mb limit only from 8.00 AM to 10.00 PM. Knowing those shifty guys, u never know when they would start applyin the limit all 24 hrs.BTW, does anyone know of Hubs in thane?
well swap, it basically depends on ur if u go to office/college in the daytime and can't use net say between 9 am to 9 pm, then go for the night unlimited, it will be cheaper and unlimited...if u're like "free" and not really have much to do and sit at home most of the time, then go for the 128 kbps unlimited whole day plan...u can chat or check email or do some light downloading between 8 am and 10 pm and then suck the speeds between 10 pm to 8 again, basically depends on ur need and budget... 🙂